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Cristian van Schuerbeck - Piano Lessons in Teddington

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Students Piano Concert at the Normansfield Theatre, Teddington

News February 2019

I will be available for some lessons this half term if you would like to have extra sessions or have an intensive piano course during the holidays. Get in touch for details.


ETHAN 12 years old: Performing at our piano concert in Teddington


Jo Emerson

Cristian is a fantastic piano teacher. He is relaxed, easy going and makes learning fun! He brings out the very best in my son who has been a student of his for the last 3 years. In my opinion, there is no better teacher and I would never consider having anyone else tutor my son.

Lisa Hutson
Twitter: @TeddingtonYoga

Cristian is an amazing piano teacher and musician -  I cannot recommend him highly enough.  My 9 year old son is so enthusiastic about piano practise since Cristian has taken over his piano tuition.  I also have recently taken up piano lessons again with Cristian and find I am progressing very rapidly as I feel encouraged and motivated to practise daily.  Both my son and I look forward to our weekly lessons and feel very lucky to have a piano teacher with such talent, dedication, humour and patience!

Pauliina Purnell

“Cristian is an absolutely amazing. He has been teaching our 7 year old son Kai Purnell for the past 2 years and has worked wonders with a child whose concentration span is not very long. It is all starting to pay off as a recent visit to the Wharf restaurant shows. As soon as we walked in, Kai spotted a grand piano, ran to it and proceeded to play it for a good half hour, with a huge grin on his face. All thanks to Christian's gentle and patient teaching. We simply can't recommend Cristian highly enough.”

Janette Douglas

“Cristian is an excellent piano teacher and musician. He comes to our house every week to teach my 11 year old daughter and he is always punctual and friendly. 

I’m really pleased with how much my daughter has progressed under his tuition, achieving Grade 1 in just 4 months and steadily working towards Grade 2. He has also inspired my daughter to create her own music and learn music she enjoys singing to. Cristian is very encouraging and has the patience of a saint! His fee is very reasonable and I would highly recommend him to anyone”

Jonathan Davies

“Cristian is an excellent teacher, very courteous and patient, and helpful at guiding me through my mental blocks! He's given me the impetus that I needed to persevere and develop my playing, and I've enjoyed learning the pieces that he has suggested as well as the routine exercises. I look forward to continuing my lessons with him.”

Gavin Dispain

“Cristian is a great and very patient piano teacher. Our seven year old daughter looks forward very much to her lessons with him. Cristian is courteous, always on time and always fully prepared for his lessons. I highly recommend him.”

Sophie Ross

“I always look forward to Cristian's piano lessons - he is a very talented musician and inspiring tutor. Every week he sets interesting homework to challenge comfort zones and reaffirm the work done in the lesson. We've covered various musical genres, and included improv techniques, sightreading, covering pop songs and worked on original composition. Cristian is also full of fun and has a contagious enthusiasm for music. I'd thoroughly recommend his lessons!”

Agne G

“Cristian is a very patient teacher. He is always very prepared for the lesson and has always given me some homework to do, which was very useful.

Besides being a very professional teacher, Cristian is also a very talented musician. Only listening to him playing piano inspires one to learn how to play it!”

Also very proud of Ethan Emerson who performed amazingly well at Birmingham Symphony Hall at his grandfather’s KEITH EMERSON  tribute concert.


Would you like to learn how to play the piano in a

friendly and easy way?

Motivation is the key to master any skill - Playing piano is a skill that will bring satisfaction in the life of your children.

Would you like to play your favourite songs?

Impress your friends and family.

Ever thought of creating beautiful piano music?

Playing only basic melodies for years?

I am currently teaching piano to students from St. Mary & St. Peters, St  John’s, Collis, Stanley and Teddington schools. Please feel free to ask for references and hear from their parents how their child’s knowledge of the piano has improved since having started lessons with me.

I also teach to many adults and artists based in the area, feel free to request references from them as well.

Are you ready to start?

Music is a big part of people’s lives and playing and instrument brings an invaluable satisfaction when you feel you have approached a certain level due to hard work and commitment.

Playing piano is not complicated, what is difficult is to find by yourself the right approach, perspective and techniques to help your children through  their learning process.


Cristian van Schuerbeck.

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STUDENTS performances

Theo performing at our last concert back in April

Bryn performing at our 2017 Summer Concert

Theo performing at our last concert back in April

Emerson performing at only 3 years old!

Alfred very focused in his music!

Ethan Emerson playing at the symphony hall in Birmingham with a 60 piece orchestra